Georgia man charged in US Capitol riot dies


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    Christopher Stanton Georgia, of Alpharetta, has since died.

    Published on 10 days ago


    1. Ivan Johnson

      Now he's Satan's problem. 🤪😈

    2. tracy daly

      Yeah I am no Einstein but ugh? Maybe the maskless covid19 party he was at ?

    3. Jose Melendez

      Klangelicals and Teleklangelists now you can join the rest of us saying GD IS GOOD !!!👏👏👏👏

    4. Jim Thumerzs

      This man and Ashli Babbitt are victims of a man who led them astray and then abandoned them.

    5. Annette Melnychuk

      One less Trump supporter! Yeehaw

    6. Eddie Valdi

      He took the easy way out

    7. Media Monarchy


    8. T D

      Alpharetta - down the street from me. One less person we have to deal with.

    9. Andrew Leibenguth

      Life in prison for all responsible.

    10. David Garcia

      Died laughing at his own stupidity.

    11. David Garcia

      Died drinking too much Koolaid.

    12. David Garcia

      Cause of death was stupidity. Or he met Epstein's Terminator!!

    13. Boxc4r Willie

      Shame is a heavy burden. Another American death chalked up to Trump.

    14. eric nortan

      I bet he iced himself. Lilly .

    15. Rightwingtrash Rus

      Oh good......just another 50 million Trump supporters to go

    16. Clara Jean


    17. bilinas mini

      He looked like untreated HBP and one stress event from a heart attack. I can almost imagine his family begging him to see a doctor and met with "I ain't sick!".

    18. Tom Biondi

      Oh well

    19. le th

      I only hope this self-absorbed man did't leave behind any children. I'm glad the taxpayers won't have to expend the money on his trial and defense.

    20. raulm1961

      One less maga. That's ok.

      1. bilinas mini

        don't do the crime... oh, nevermind.

    21. Dave 4526

      I say heart attack

    22. William Lacombe

      Trump told them to peacefully protest in prayer for these ass clowns to expect trump to pardon them is ridiculous

    23. Steve Lacy

      He's bum rushin the pearly gates now and he's looking to put Jesus on trial for not getting Chump reelected🤣😂🤣

    24. MR.X

      I can see a slew of ppl killing themselves to dodge convictions

    25. Luis Cervantez

      Now is out office, suicide amongst his cult will increase.

    26. Mike Farinas

      Why do you keep calling it a riot? Call it as it is,an invasion of local terrorist.a failed coup, that's how your media would have called it,if it happened in another country.why sugarcoat what happened to your country.

    27. Jayden k Tan

      Ultimate sacrifice for the trumpster

    28. Tara Wright

      Poor guy probably had a moment of clarity and suddenly realized his "great leader" has been blowing smoke up his backside for the past 4 years. His entire identity would have been utterly destroyed.

    29. Brett Sanders

      Imagine going to prison for a Reality TV show conman ...

    30. Marc Del

      So sad! Yep, you screwed up Chris, but that was no reason to take your life and deprive your children of a father, and a husband to your wife!

    31. Dana Ernst

      Another person's blood on Trump's hands, our damn spot, out

    32. Greg Thornton

      400,000 AND 1...

    33. trick351

      Umm that’s pronounced SUICIDE

    34. adam

      don't do the crime... oh, nevermind.

    35. gioyu comi

      Hell of a coincidence, you’d say! 😭

    36. Annette Johnson

      I guess no one can ask him "was it worth it".

    37. Googie Fashefski

      Ruby Freeman's in pretty good health any feds going after her she's on video as well......crickets chirping

    38. ARFF T

      Guess he took the cowards way out instead of spending the rest of his life in prison. As should be the punishment for every one of these domestic terrorist traitors they capture.

      1. gioyu comi

        Give this man a DARWIN AWARD!


      LIES.. they gone say he died... yeah ok.. he committed suicide.. they wont tell you that but guess what.. The Fulton County Medical Examiner announced Christopher Stanton Georgia died by suicide at his home on Saturday!!!! Gunshot wound to the chest.. natural causes huh?

    40. S Beresford

      Wait until COVID makes the rounds

    41. Forcesofvalor Vids

      here comes the trump supporter theories he was killed by antifa ninjas

    42. nascar8and20

      That's what happens when you listen to trump🤣🤣

    43. Black MoonHawk

      The FBI finally told him the truth that his idol and savior Don the Con lied to him and his fellow minions. I guess it was just to much for him to bare


      Trump incites violence and his gullible base goes along with whatever he says causing more unnecessary death and destroyed lives.

    45. Jax

      Live by the stupid die by the stupid.

    46. Dino F.

      Trump or death. Not just rhetoric to some. FOX NEWS, this is on you.

    47. Tallulah Gotti

      My country trumpety sweet land of misery of Trump I sing, land where my pride was pride and so I decided to die to trump I sing, f off traitor

    48. Lowk Atone

      I'm telling you people... All y'all Trump supporters are dead when y'all go to prison.... There is a strong message for all y'all when y'all hit the big yard..... Y'all might as well kill y'all selves like this idiot probly did..... Cause it's going to be wat worst for y'all in there.....I know I just got out of prison and not did we have fun fucking these trumpers up

    49. Avalon Park

      Under investigation? what!!!!! It was suicide this is a no brainer.

    50. FernandoAvelarify

      He died of covid-19 but they don't want to accept it...

    51. MAGA hat atheist

      Look at the comments celebrating the death of and belittling a man you don't know because of his politics. Who are the deplorables now or should I say snobs who like to look down their noses at people and think themselves so perfect.

      1. Beach Town Reseller

        I didn’t see people celebrating his death , but this isnt just about his politics. It’s about him becoming a domestic terrorist within our country and capitol. These people made it clear once they invaded the capitol that they weren’t there to hand out political brochures. They were there to destroy property and even worse to hurt politicians of both parties, because an election didn’t have their desired outcome. What was their end game?!? Kidnapping? Murder? Destroying OUR capitol?? Criminals. They all should serve time for this.

    52. Pigdoc1

      Damn, I was hoping some of these would meet the prison "justice" system, I guess we can still hope.

    53. Rick Cryderman

      Give this man a DARWIN AWARD!

    54. Edward Clayton

      I wonder what he knew? They didn't want him talking.

    55. 1VAHNFANEL


    56. Timothy Pekrun

      God sure works in mysterious ways. Don't test the almighty.

    57. Mira Tay

      Suicide because he can’t handle the jail

    58. protic4

      Epstein got him.

    59. gd

      All these people spreading lies about a fraudulent election have his blood on their hands. I hope no one else feels the despair this man did because of the con that was put forth from the top down. All you Trump supporters feeling lost right now please don’t let this man ruin your life. Don’t fall for his lies.

    60. Stunt Panda

      That hair totally makes him look sane...

    61. Ernest Smith

      Doxing. Trial by media. Corruption of the jury pool. Time to constrain the media from such activities. It should have been done years ago. Trials determine guilt or innocence; not public opinion.

    62. derrick niblack

      i think he got whacked!!

    63. CorvusTX

      One down, many more to go.

    64. Renegade

      It’s sad, he probably realized what he had done and couldn’t face it. God forgives.

    65. Clover Sprinkles

      whoa calm down...

    66. argusone

      Trump can't pardon anyone related to his impeachment, per the Constitution. That includes Rudy, Don Jr., the traitors, any who fomented violence on that stage, and also some right wing personalities like Steve Bannon and Roger Stone. All were telling people on air and on stage they were starting a revolution. Bannon and Stone said THE DAY BEFORE THE RIOT "All hell is going to break loose tomorrow." & "We will win this fight tomorrow, or America will experience 1000 years of darkness." "All I can say is Strap In, you have made this happen, and tomorrow it's Game Day." The DAY BEFORE THE RIOTS! A summary:

    67. GlenClark Chidley

      MAGA My Ass Got Arrested

    68. You dont Knowme

      Queen Karma hit him twice!!! Funny how karma works isn't it!?!?

    69. Arapaho Sundancer

      No sympathy here, good for him.

    70. Monkey Music

      Fled to Mexico...

    71. Yellow rooster

      Charge trump for his death

    72. Raywonka

      Great Riddance

    73. karl holmes

      Apprently shot himself in the chest with a semi automatic sks rifle .. but his wife couldn't find the gun 🤦🏻‍♂️

    74. Patrick Henri

      Trump stop calling them “ very special people and I love you”.

    75. Mari Almz

      Lol fkn coward

    76. T.K Heartless

      Good! I hope more of them follow.

    77. Gracie Garcia

      And he did it All for TRUMP 😔😢

    78. R Hyrule

      He was Epsteined! The story doesn't add up! An SKS is a huge gun. He couldn't have shot himself.

      1. Tlock69

        thats what im thinking.

    79. Melody Making Melodies

      His cowardly A$$ probably had a heart attack from stress and fear related to being held accountable for his ignorant actions(

    80. Keto Life


    81. Michael Thomas

      Karma is a Bitch 🤣

    82. Phiz Ix

      How are misdemeanors, for what should be felonies, not negotiating with terrorists?

    83. From Mars

      You don't have to kill yourselves, just renounce the idiocy and sin no more.

    84. That Canadian Chick

      Suicide... Gunshot wound to the chest.. his wife sound him in the basement covered in blood, 2 children he leaves... Thanks Trump... he was a nobody to you but you don't care.

    85. While Black in Vegas

      If I can’t have my guns(fed charges)then I don’t want to live

    86. E L

      what a maroon, it was a misdameanor

    87. Chef Louie Van

      Anybody care?!?!? Anyone?’??? Hahaha 🤣

    88. Tim Rose

      Umm lots of people especially of color get extremely harsh and unequal sentences for minor stuff all the time and y'all know it. So now this radicalized white privilege dummy (which was probably racist), can't do the time for the crime so we're suddenly supposed to be respectful to him? Umm no.........."L"

    89. CK D

      Imagine having to stand in front of God, who is the very essence of LOVE, & explain what you did days prior. Smh! People don't stop to think in the moment of the act of evil that they will have to give account for the deeds they've done!

      1. Raywonka

        Dump supporters worship the orange god tho.

    90. Niels Pemberton

      I am Dr. Patriotic American. and Dr. Sinister to all TRAITORS TO AMERICA !

    91. Gio Verde

      suppose that's one way to get out of going to jail

    92. Brittany Johnson

      Really? Just stop beating around the bush and say the man offed himself. Seriously, he stormed the capital, gets charged, and the miraculously dies? He also had two rifles at home? He thought he was going to get away with it, when he realized that wasnt case, he took himself out.

    93. Maria B


    94. Joe Serrano

      Damn, I've never seen karma work so quick.

    95. skyclimber7

      Trumpturds get what they deserve.

    96. tealvampyre

      He died of lead poisoning as he landed on a bullet from his own rifle.

      1. Jholmes Holmes



        Don't you just hate when that happens?

    97. Kevin Golden

      So do those charges roll over to next of kin or what? Lmaoooo

    98. Maiden fan

      to bad so sad

    99. DrknJayy Tellem

      I wonder if the saw what he was thinking on the walls?

    100. Jonathan H

      What a legacy he left. 🖕🏽RIP