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  1. WTR

    only dipshits like this will wave around a firearm with their finger ON THE TRIGGER

  2. Darrell May

    Let this be a Hard example for everyone out there!,, never believe what You hear and read and only believe half of what You see!,,✨

  3. Greg Thornton

    Lots of ways to avoid this outcome...none heeded.

  4. Ikki

    Trump is a billionaire and you? you did not surrender and did not go to humiliate yourself being present in the possession of Biden. have my respect. God bless you Mr. Trump.

  5. Shonna May

    Mother should had got enough prison time till menopause, this way when she gets out there won't be any more children to bare.

  6. 司此雷

    Hypothetically, if i put a gun into one of those judges vehicle while he or she inside. And oops my hand slipped, and accidentally hit the trigger and killed one of them. I would be charged with atleast man2.

  7. Dexter Sullen 'TRUTH'

    👏👏👏👏👏👏 man that was a good movie, I just hope they don't make a sequel

  8. Dexter Sullen 'TRUTH'

    Reminds me of the old classical movies

  9. Plaag Geest

    Lefty’s: we don’t want a reeeeeecist president *starts crying* Also lefty’s: *Elect the most racist man ever in politics*

  10. Michele Mahon

    Defense Atty is poorly spoken, disorganized with her thoughts, illogical, and confirmed everything the prosecutor said. Abused people don't cuddle up with their abusers??? The FP BOUGHT the girls a freaking TABLET so they loved them???Abusers don't take thousands of staged pictures? Lady, its painfully obvious you have never had to experience a second of abuse your entire entitled materialistic life! Joan Crawford?? Menendez brothers?? Did she seriously just say her client, the She-Devil in the flesh, is a freaking MARTYR??? SHE was persecuted by her "political rivals"? COUNCIL MEN AND WOMEN,not presidential, not union...mostly retired folk! How the hell did someone so unintelligent pass the Bar????? Worst Atty I've ever seen!🤡 Did s

  11. santiago Hernandez

    Is this the house

  12. Mitch Connor


  13. Ethan Maccullouch

    Does anyone listen to her?

  14. Namelessfoz

    G-Ma got the mayback I see u


    Why tf do i keep getting notifications from 11Alive?

  16. MD

    Beautiful Beautiful That girl is beautiful

  17. jonathan billing

    Fauci stood beside Trump yet y'all think he did nothing wrong and has no responsibility. Unbelievable.

  18. fuad

    “And now the end is near” brought tears to my eyes

  19. Noel Huerta

    What a movie !!! .....roll Credits

  20. virat kohli

    How to get...I am also a color blind

  21. Alex

    I learned one thing, once they said about what they gonna do, they do completely opposite, or nothing. Just a fact from previous promises by both parties🙇💩

  22. Creative Saurabh

    I'm mild Deutan Colour Blind.

  23. Jess Yess

    Shooting someone 59 times is not trying to stop a threat it's an execution.

  24. I Am Telling You The Truth

    If that were only true. . . liberty and justice for all.

  25. Annette Melnychuk

    One less Trump supporter! Yeehaw

  26. Jay JayJay

    Y dont they shut down all social midea...

  27. J Nelson

    I’ve heard that there’s dogman out there!

  28. Thomas Correa

    Fire all of them. Jail time, for the hit and run driver.

  29. Craig Takahashi

    MORE FAKE NEWS!!!####@@@@

  30. Cooper Blakely

    u know whats real hell this world

  31. Shonna May

    My Blood runs deep in Kentucky, and I mean no disrespect, but why there so many child killing among Southern folk? I'm embarrassed of the lack of humanity and common sense here

  32. Chris

    God Speed President Trump, we'll miss you :(

  33. Tiffany V

    Thank God. President Trump will be back. Millions of Americans voted for President Trump.

  34. sharzad

    Bye Mr. President, bye Beautiful first lady Melania. Boy this is sad, I have a knot in my throat. Yes you did it your way and it was a good way, a patriotic way, not that of a corrupt politician. Missing you already, God bless you and your family.

  35. RP McMurphy

    43:42 (+) "If there's a heartbeat, yes" This man has a soul. She had no heartbeat for quite while, by the time they arrived.

  36. A L

    Nano chip technology, Do your research☠️

  37. Anna Lane

    Hope her family finds the worst nursing home for her when the time comes.....

  38. Mendoza Mendoza

    Because police are baster freaking oinkers

  39. Nick Riley

    Earlier departure than expected , no matter how he did it..Duces what a fitting end to such a good movie..

  40. sam pittman

    Thank You JESUS! You have answered my prayers. mazel tov Mr Ossoff.

  41. Donald Putin

    probablely called his friend because he was drinking at the fair.

  42. Abdiel Castro Music

    The best president ever.

  43. dude2850

    Come on do it now no more talking

  44. Brian T

    end of the series

  45. Tyler Jacobson

    Until other cops start coming out and condemning this shit hole behavior from there colleagues and coming out saying this is wrong I’m just assuming all you cops are piles of corrupt shit until you come out and stand up for what’s right every cops a piece of uselessshit

  46. Skylark

    I'm not Trump supporter but poor lady she was someone's mom for sure

  47. phong nguyễn

    Fucking twitter fucking Facebook tip

  48. B T

    this is horrible

  49. Perlies Gate


  50. David Kinney

    You stupid idiot she did not speak English.

  51. Bronny

    That's what u get when u let everyone have guns I guess

  52. Namnama Elena

    What a beautiful testimony of you brother, God bless you👍😊

  53. Donut36

    I don’t get why he did that for no reason. I would only kick a cat if it attacked me, but not if it didn’t do anything to me first.

  54. Ronald Giroux

    Her name never did or ever will pass the lips of Trump or any of his family members. She sacrificed herself for nothing! Even if she lived she’d be looking at prison time.


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